P.D. Keenen

Keenen practices nonviolence and empathy in their work and life. Their work focuses on nonviolent communication to witness the constellations of conflict within ourselves and the world. Their writing focuses on points of cognitive dissonance, shared humanity, and things in shadow that crave attention and recognition.

We all need a friend sometimes.

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  • Keenen will be hosting the second annual Writer to Writer Alumni reading at #AWP20 in San Antonio, TX.


  • Keenen created the first annual Writer to Writer Alumni reading. They hosted and participated in the event at #AWP19 in Portland, OR.
  • Keenen had an ekphrastic poem published at an art museum, Skagit Valley, WA.
  • Keenen left social media to focus on empathy activism. Find them on their new website pdkeenen.com for more connection.
  • Keenen was selected for the 2015 Fall Session of AWP’s Writer to Writer Program working with Minal Hajratwala.
  • Keenen will be reading at the upcoming #AWP15 at the Found Poetry Review JamPoRee.
  • Keenen read from their poem in Mare Nostrum X at the book launch at Hugo House in Seattle, WA.
  • Keenen was selected as an official #AWP15 Poetry Scout for the Found Poetry Review.
  • Keenen had a poem published in Mare Nostrum X.